Why do companies pursue Chemical Supply Management with Chemical Strategies, Inc.?

Companies pursue Chemical Logistics Management with us for a variety of reasons. These reasons include:

  • Product Cost Improvement
  • Process Cost Improvement
  • Service Enhancement
  • Workload Reduction
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Concern for Employee Safety

Often, it’s a combination of these reasons that convince a company to contact us regarding Chemical Supply Management and Chemical Distribution.

What benefits are gained by customers that implement these programs?


  • Efficiency in Chemical Management Activities
  • Comprehension of the Chemical Lifecycle
  • Focus on Strategic Tasks (vendor contract negotiations, supplier introductions, & on-site core functions)
  • Collection of Chemical Data
  • Centralization of Information Regarding Chemical Usage and Storage
  • Reporting of Information to Individual Departments
  • Consolidation of Accounts Payable Functions through Consolidated Sourcing and Billing
  • Dependability of JIT Deliveries
  • Workplace for Employees by Reducing Environmental and Safety Hazards


  • Overall Product Cost
  • Tactical Workload (confirmation of deliveries, ordering, documentation, etc.)
  • Liability Associated with Higher Chemical Inventories
  • Carrying Costs
  • Insurance Costs Related to On-site Hazardous Material Storage
  • Real Estate Dedicated to Chemical Storage
  • Environmental Profile in Community
  • Shrinkage Due to Shelf Life Issues

What additional values can Chemical Strategies provide in an ongoing relationship?

  • Attention to Detail
  • Continuous Cost Reduction and Value Addition Programs
  • Core Competency in Chemical Sourcing and Management
  • Data Security (Chemical Consumption, R&D Information, etc.)
  • Dedication to Clientele
  • Demonstrated Value as Customer Team Member
  • Documentation Verification (C’s of A, Specifications, MSDS’s, etc.)
  • Economy of Scale Improvements
  • Education re: Chemical Industry Issues, Workplace Safety, Etc.
  • Insurance – Listing as Additional Insured on our Multimillion $ Policies
  • References within Industry
  • Remote Telemetry on Bulk Chemical Tanks
  • Reputation across Multiple Client Industries
  • Software / Hardware for Chemical Tracking Requirements
  • Supplier Performance Trending
  • Strong Relationships with Chemical Vendor and Manufacturer Community
  • Transparency into Cost and Management Structure